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"We Don't Do That Here" Bully, Harrassment and Workplace Violence

“We Don’t Do That Here” Protecting Your Human Capital   There is a workplace that keeps owners, executives, and other leaders awake all night.  Missing from that workplace is “respect.”  The leader knows that every day brings the potential for turnover, poor productivity, low morale, legal problems with the state or federal government, or something much worse - violence. Leaders, who sleep well at night, understand how to identify and eliminate offensive behaviors and how to create a culture where employees value “respect.”  The company has a Standard of Conduct policy, disseminates it widely and enforces it vigorously.  Every member...

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HANDBOOKS - How Much is Too Much?

cost handbook warning

When the owner of a small distributorship sent his new employee handbook to me for review, I wished he had been texting me so I could have responded  -  “OMG.”  His request, as a member of an association I serve, was to seek my opinion of work prepared by his lawyers, who had taken the template he obtained from me, and expanded it to assure it meets the needs of his company.  He described his discomfort that it may not be complete and he wanted my approval.  I appreciate his confidence in our decade of association, but he actually provided...

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